The struggle is real, or is it?

I've worked hard for several years. Daily I wake up early, work all day, cook dinner, tutor my daughter, do the dishes, and turn out the lights.

I get tired.

It takes extra effort to put aside time to meditate before bed. Takes time to convince my self that this quiet few minutes I set aside for 'nothing' will be productive.

And I sit.

In the morning, AH-HA! The eggs, just right!
The splendor of our morning dash makes me smile. I revel in the silence on the train to work. I'm unperturbed by the homeless man that sneers at me, wishing I had a dollar. The day is swift, my focus steady. Ah! To cook this meal…to feed my family! We celebrate my daughters rising grades as we review her work. Then the lights go out and I find my seat.

When I lack balance, life is a burden. When I sit, it is a gift.