Unfortunately convinced

I can’t believe November is here, its chill seeping indoors. Thank goodness my thermal curtains arrived today. (I highly recommend them, my energy bill does too). Of course, they are much heavier than my summer curtains so naturally, my mind made sense of NEEDING to purchase new curtain rods today.

“Brenna, they won’t hold, you absolutely need to take yourself shopping for a more suitable option!”

I entered Ross trying in earnest to ignore the boots and blankets. 

“Oh corduroy jackets! I wonder if that’s trending again…”

I shook the neediness from my head and aimed directly for the curtain rods. I quickly thought over my daughter’s interior design preferences and grabbed a set for each of us.  I kept my eye fixed on the end of the long boxes as I maneuvered around the Christmas displays. 

The lines in Ross are relatively long, and like the traffic earlier today, slow. I stood directly behind a woman who held a soft couch throw and a pair of jeans. She turned slightly, rocking from foot to foot. She faced me with a tired smile as defeated laughter bubbled from her. 

“What’s wrong,” I asked with a short giggle, not sure what to think.

“You know…I’m just so…tired.” And she really was. “I came looking for a lamp, the ones with three bulbs. I decided recently that I want dim light in my bedroom during the evening.” She shook her dark long wavy hair and shifted as she used her hands to describe the lamp. 

“For reading, naturally,” I said, still offering an easy smile.

“Yes!," she exclaimed in excitement. “But Ross didn’t have it, so what am I going to do…? I’m going to go to Target and if they don’t have it I’m going to drive even further to…,” all the while she’s staring at the ceiling, flabbergasted and disgusted with her lamp obsession.

She was quite a hoot really. Had to get it all out. Reminded me so much of myself.

“Sounds like your mind has you convinced you really need that lamp, and maybe those jeans…”

“…And this blanket,” she cut in.

“Well, you’re not alone because mine has convinced me that I need these curtain rods.”

We spend the next few minutes in the sloooow line musing over how foolish we really were.

“At the very least let’s make a deal. Let’s say no at least once this week. The next time we feel like we absolutely need to make a purchase, let’s just shut it down.” I said as she moved to the front of the line.


Our laughter faded as we both continued on, one after anther, to the same cashier. Before parting, we both gave our thanks for the momentary friendship. It’s always nice to be able to say “me too”.

But I will keep my word. I will say no, and I invite you to do the same this week. Maybe it’ll be my latté, maybe a pair of new wool socks. 

Let’s take one step toward gaining control.

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