Lesser practice, higher heel

I hate it when I don't keep receipts. The need for them arises every time I reach a new height in my spiritual practice. It's happened so many times over the last eight years I should have, by now, learned to expect it.

I've always loved minimalist fashion. I live in monochrome because it calms me and keeps my ora quiet. It just feels right. And so did the two pairs of heals I bought from Ross week before last. 

Just so happens last week was a really good week, one that involved great sleep and profound moments during meditation. I get a bit giddy when I reach this point. I feel good about work, motherhood, living minimally, and about myself. There is nothing more I need and I find extreme satisfaction during these times. I go about my days in a very rhythmic manner, waking, showering, and cooking with some light music in the background. I find it refreshing to look in the mirror without the tug of needing validation when I decide to wear less makeup, leave the hipster sunglasses in their case, or wear my rain jacket instead of a lovely fitted wool piece that would make my little ego sing! 

However, it's common for one's practice to sway, dip, and rise from the ashes again and again. Life certainly looks a little different from each of those angles. Today my issue lies in constructing life during the dips...say going out and buying three inch heels.

Now they sit quietly amongst several other black pairs of shoes. I laugh at the ridiculous idea of wearing them. How is 'sexy' going to contribute to my day?

It's great to have evidence of how far your practice has come.

When I get home I'm going to find those receipts.