Surrounded by meaning

The absolute best advice I can give is to create a life of deep meaning.

I had a conversation this week with a local artist about ‘artistic satisfaction’. I realized how deeply one must go in order to experience true meaning. Over and over again, the designs I’ve thrown together… get thrown out. A couple years ago I’d sewn a beautiful Japanese handbag but because I rushed through, merely to say I’d done it, the meaningless pile of canvas ended up at Goodwill less than two months later. Lucky for me my recovery was quick, I’ve incapable of living without meaning. I form relationships with all that I own and everyone I know. We’ve got history, ya know? 

I have one computer bag, and it’s amazing. I found it at a thrift store for 20 bucks. I couldn’t pass it up, it portrayed every aesthetic I love in luggage design. That’s saying something!

My iPhone case; Apple did such a great job on the feel and grip of the case that I appreciate it every time I pick it up. Additionally, how about the glass screen protectors? You just can’t walk way from great design.

My drinking glasses are the product of hours of hard work and we’ve bonded. I’ve always hated scrapping off stickers and I thought that after buying one jar of Almond Butter every other week that I could repurpose them. They are the only glasses I can use for both hot and cold beverages and they won’t crack in the dishwasher. 

Even the three dishcloths that my mother knitted from high quality cotton. I tore a hole in one of them last week and freaked out. It was a part of the family (which is probably why I won’t throw it away until it unravels and reverts back to one long piece of yarn).

I could go on… my bath soap, my key hook, my salt and pepper shakers. They all have meaning and as such are taken great care of. I encourage you to do some sorting, some decluttering and find what has meaning to you. Get rid of the rest. I don’t care if it’s your Bentley Continental, if you made a purchase to feed your ego, think again. It’s incredibly empowering to come home to a clean space that speaks to your senses.

Live genuinely! The quality or depth that an object holds is not something you can lie about. It’s a sensation that you can’t escape. You can do this!




- Don’t rush through the creative process or knockoff someone else's creation.

+ Do start with a pencil and a blank sheet of paper. You’ll cherish what you’ve made. 


- Don’t keep friends that drain you, that exist on a different frequency, or throw you off balance. 

+ Do keep friends that listen, that empower you, and share your excitement for life. 


- Don’t work at a job that creates so much tension in your life that you’re coming home every night trying to shake of the physical and mental symptoms of stress.

+ Do apply for jobs your passionate about, that offer meaning to your life.


- Don’t buy 5 notebooks, 10 bags, 4 nail files, 15 pairs of jeans, and 40 pairs of shoes (and don't sign up to complete product reviews by the boxful).

+ Do buy what you need right now, and be realistic. You can do so much with so little, and you’ll breath easier to. 


- Don’t become complacent with your partner, children, family or friends. Don’t forget how amazing they are and what brought you together in the first place.

+ Do remind yourself of how lucky you are to bask in…(list all of their amazing qualities).


I can’t imagine that a pianist could create a beautiful orchestral piece with ought complete comprehension of each cord, furthermore each note. I feel like life should be this way. Each piece carefully handpicked because it means something to us. Depth creates room for harmony and makes life worth living.

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