Prologue...or whatever.


I suppose that for some of the population it's okay to spend an endless amount of time building toward their ultimate achievement. Well, I have several. As I ponder my 30+ years, I loose count of how many people projected their fears onto me... "Brenna, you know you won't be successful till you choose one." What does that even mean? For some of us, not doing what we love means we're not succeeding. So don't let anyone tell you what to do! If you do 15 things...get gully, do yo shit!


My mom keeps telling me I should be a comedian. All that means to me is that my brand of stupid makes people laugh. Too bad they never pay me. So this year, while i'm not making people leave little puddles on office chairs and park benches I'm challenging myself with the task of running 6 small businesses. I'm completely out of my mind, have been for the last year... and it totally paid off. So get crazy with me. I work hard as hell, so if we go to coffee let's use our time wisely to create some good shit. I'm totally willing to support big hearts & altruistic entrepreneurs. (Including my daughter of 14, whom is currently being forced to create a contract for her graphic design business). No doubt, I'm going to force you to do some crazy shit too! So don't call me if you need to dust of your lapel. It's cool that that's where you're at in life... enjoy your journey. 


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Much love,

Ms. B