A painting is solely the answer to a painters brush and his myriad of questions.

Brenna King is a photographer, painter, and writer currently residing in Portland, Oregon. Her artistic process began as a child during her travels from the Virgin Islands to the Rocky Mountains. She has always had a profound interest in minimalism and the power of negative space. Intense emotion and intuition caries over from her spiritual practice to contribute to her abstract expressionism. She obtained her Bachelors from the Art Institute where she found deep interest in the psychology of art. Her work explores the objectivity of simple marks, monochromatic palettes, and fine lines in acrylics, watercolors, and inks.

I knew very young that I felt and perceived things more intensely than most. All my life I've been highly attuned to subtle details that continually trigger emotion and rumination. For years I tried to manage, spending obscene amounts of time compulsively purging and reorganizing. While constantly overwhelmed by noisy stores, colorful interiors and clutter, depression swamped me.


Small details have the potential to make everyday life challenging. As an artist I explore the use of negative space and monochromatic palettes to create what 'feels good' . As I continue to view the world through a unfettered lens, I find there are very few filters for me. Everything still comes racing in; color, sound, smell, images. Creative endeavors allow me to produce an internal sense of calm as a method of exorcising the confusion caused by overwhelming sensitivity. Today I embrace the gifts I've been given, realizing that those who feel deeply have the capacity to experience life deeply.


I work slowly and subjectively. It's necessary to allow my intuition enough time to determine each stroke. This allows my purest intent to exist in every piece. It's a quiet process that is extraordinarily self affirming and meditative. Much of my creative process is based upon how I perceive the world around me. I thrive when I find balance and reason, becoming attuned with my environment internally and externally.